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Tough Love, Tender Mercies

Image of Tough Love, Tender Mercies

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In Tough Love, Tender Mercies, Harper takes readers on a journey through the books of Hosea, Zephaniah, and Malachi. And to keep the excursion interesting, she compares each prophet's story with a contemporary movie theme. In her first stop, Lisa compares Julia Roberts's turn as a prostitute in Pretty Woman to God's merciful treatment of Gomer in Hosea.

In her second stop, Harper parallels Morgan Freeman's tough-love principal, Joe Clarke, in Lean on Me to God's holiness in Zephaniah. Finally, in her third stop, she takes readers to the hardscrabble hometown of Malachi, where a pack of Scarlett O'Hara wannabes learn how to hold on to hope when their biblical Tara is trashed.

  • Second in a series written specifically to help people better engage with and understand the Bible.

  • Interactive DVD of the author's own book group discussing select questions from each chapter.

  • Unique (and refreshing) questions thoughout each chapter get the reader thinking of how to apply biblical truths to their own life journey.

  • Tough Love, Tender Mercies: 3 Short Stops in the Minor Prophets

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    ISBN-13: 9781414302775
    Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
    Publication date: 10/28/2005

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